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Discover Virtual Reality like never before by the Huang Pu River in a gorgeous venue.

1-15 OCT 2017


The World VR Forum, Pro Helvetia Shanghai and Swissnex China team up for an amazing Virtual Reality Exhibition.
For 2 weeks, Shanghai will celebrate the next generation medium through exhibits, social events and professional gatherings.
This exhibition will show the power of Virtual Reality as a quality entertainment media using the latest forms of arts.
Bringing out VR of the technology scene to plunge it within the daily lives of Shanghaiese with World-Class curation. 4 permanent VR installations, 1 gaming zone and a VR cinema will constitute the exhibition program.



Mélodie Mousset & Naëm Baron (CH)

The virtual world HanaHana , takes place under the burning sun, in a sort of post-apocaliptic sand box, with a red lake and remains of monumental anthropomorphic ruins. The user has no skin, molecules from that aftermath blood-soup are swarmings where his physical body take place in the physical world. The user has the capacity to sprout hands and chain-like hands in hands, and build his world.

Arden’s Wake

Eugene Chung (USA)

The sea levels have risen, and a young woman and her father live in a lighthouse perched atop the ocean’s surface. When he goes missing, she must descend deep into the post-apocalyptic waters previously forbidden to her, embarking on a thrilling journey of family history and self-discovery.

Free Whale

Sandman Studio (CN)

After surprisingly encountering a machine whale and going through a dream-like experience, Shem starts to understand more about his work and his partner Young rediscovers new insights into souls.

The Dream Collector

Pinta Studios (CN)

An old man and his playful dog live together in a garbage dump, where they spend their days sorting through the trash left behind by others. The objects – a broken guitar, a torn baseball glove, a deflated soccer ball – are he remnants of people’s abandoned dreams. Determined to bring these dreams back to life, the man tinkers away, carefully mending each piece of “garbage” until he can re-gift it to someone who will cherish it.


Qing Shao (CN)

This is a VR film about finding one’s inner self. The story begins when the boy has awakened from his dream- he finds himself lost in the world of fantasy, where there is the magnificent library, with whales swimming in the galaxy and meteor shower burst over the sky. However, he later discovers that he is actually drawn into a VR world by a disabled little girl, being a representation of herself. Although being disabled, her life is filled with great expectations and hope by drawing using VR. This film gives viewers the best experience in a world of virtual reality by using live actions with green background and CGI technology.


Tyler Hurd (USA)

This is a VR music video experience for the song by Giraffage that sets you as a robot in a cat-centric world of colorful chrome in which your hands interact with your environment and everything dynamically moves and changes to the music.

VR Cinema

Quba Michalski (USA)

Michalski’s unique vision for VR spaces, this short film is a surreal journey through his thoughts on art, society, culture and technology.

My Brother’s Keeper
Alex Meader & Connor Hair (USA)

It is a cinematic virtual reality narrative that immerses the viewer un the story of two estranges brother who, fighting in the Civil War on opposing sides, unknowingly reunite one last time on the battlefield at Antietam.

Temptation of Saint-Antoine
Carlos Franklin (FR)

Explore the creative madness of the painter Hieronymus Bosch and dive in one of the major works of the century.

The Other Dakar
Selly Raby Kane (FR)

A little girl is chosen to discover the invisible Dakar.

Fly me over the Mont-blanc
Timothée Schmittler (CH)

This Swiss documentary takes us paragliding one day in the Savoie, Mont Blanc and Chamonix region in the Alps.

Gladiators in the Colosseum
Maria Courtal (DE)

Take you through the Colosseum.

Our Shanghai
Jian Jun Wang (CN)

This VR music video, produced by SMG and shot by Jaunt ONE, is a VR experience made as a promotion for the tourism image of Shanghai, starring the famous Chinese actor Hu Get. Its 2D version music video is played on each screen of metros and buses in Shanghai everyday.

The Argos File
Josema Roig (USA)

This is a Proto Award-winning interactive live action Virtual Reality series, integrating cinema-quality visual effects and 360˚ stereoscopic footage with unique mechanics for engaging in the narrative.

Game Zone

Break A Leg

ApeLab (CH)

This is an interactive experience designed for VR. It gets its inspiration from the magic shows of the 19th Century such as Houdini and Kellar. Built to entertain the crowds based on tricking the mind through misdirection and routine, the conjurers obeyed drastic rules to fool the mind of the audience.

Super Hot

The Super Hot Team (PL)

Blurring the lines between cautious strategy and unbridled mayhem, SUPERHOT is the FPS in which time moves only when you move. No regenerating health bars. No conveniently placed ammo drops. It’s just you, outnumbered and outgunned, grabbing the weapons of fallen enemies to shoot, slice, and maneuver through a hurricane of show-motion bullets.

Anshar Wars 2

OZWE Game (CH)

The Nergal, an ancient and fierce enemy, have unleashed a galactic super weapon capable of decimating entire planets. Anshar Wars 2 lets you take the role of a newly enlisted pilot in the deadliest squad in the Ansharian arsenal.

Robo Recall

Epic Games (USA)

An eruption of defective, homicidal robots is inundating RoboReady customer service, where you’ve been promoted from tech repairman to Recaller. Thrown into the fray, you must rely on your wits, reflexes and a vast arsenal of weaponry to eliminate the robot uprising.


Charles Ayats (FR)

A VR game inspired by a strange, awesome graphic novel: a maze without wall and only arrows to lead you through an outstanding journey.

Special Events


Mélodie Mousset


Melodie Mousset is a multidisciplinary artist who works across sculpture, photography, video installation, and performance and has recently extended her practice to VR.

Max Rheiner


Max Rheiner is the inventor of Birdly, the ultimate flying machine, and the head of the Master of Arts in Interaction Design in ZHDK. He lectures on topics such as Embodied Interaction and Physical Computing.

Salar Shahna

World VR Forum

Salar Shahna, a native of Geneva, Switzerland is the Creative Director and CEO of the World VR Forum. His vision shaped the artistic orientation of WVRF’s annual summit which was acclaimed unanimously by its participants.  In 2016, he extends the prime mission of the forum by initiating WorldVRlab which finds, develops, and supports extraordinary creative talent who are devoted to crafting the immersive language of Virtual Reality. With a strong footprint in China, Salar is also pursuing development of cultural trade between the West and China. His expertise in the uses and the market of VR leads him to participate as an expert in major events throughout globe.

VR professional Night

October 12th, 2017

*Invitation only

Our Speakers

Salar Shahna, World VR Forum
Hu Chun-min, IVRA
Felix Moesner, Swissnex CEO
Andy Niu, Vice president of CASME, chairman of Zhongguancun Creative Culture & Game Industry Development Alliance
Joanne Yin, Director of International TCDIC
William Shen, Lenovo real


5PM: Welcoming and VR demo
6:15 PM: Talks
7:30 PM: Closed


Shanghai Xuhui District Ruining Road, Skate Park North Glass Room, West Coast Public Art Space

Cinematic VR Workshop*


A two-hour workshop explaining the possibility of  filmmaking in VR with the best camera in the market.

Audience : Film Professionals, Director of Photography, Students in Film and New Media

*Invitation only

Workshop Max Rheiner*


Max Rheiner is head of the Master Design Interaction Program at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHDK), who has been teaching in both the bachelors and masters programs for the Department of Interaction Design, since 2006. He received his Diploma from Zurich University of the Arts in the field of New Media Arts, in 2003. The main areas of discipline that he specializes in are Embodied Interaction and Physical Computing. Of these topics, he conceived and developed the Physical Computing Laboratory for the Department of Interaction Design that has been running since 2006. In 2015 he founded the first ZHDK Spin-Off ‘SOMNIACS SA’, which transformed the research project ‘Birdly’ into a commercial product.

During one hour Max will be sharing his thoughts and experience on the future of VR for the Shanghainese audience.

October 14th 2017
5PM – 6PM

*Invitation only


Pro Helvetia Shanghai

About Pro Helvetia Shanghai

Pro Helvetia is dedicated to the promotion of contemporary cultural works of national and international interest. It also fosters co-productions or exchanges between Swiss artists and artists from other countries, in particular from countries where Pro Helvetia has a regional office.

Pro Helvetia Shanghai is the youngest of nine offices that now represents the Swiss Arts Council in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. Its aim is to encourage dialogue between Swiss and Chinese cultural practitioners and institutions by supporting projects that enhance the exchange of knowledge and experience in the cultural field.

For Pro Helvetia’s latest projects in China, please check our website

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Swissnex China

swissnex’s goal is to promote Switzerland’s excellence as one of the world’s leading countries in the fields of innovation, research, technology and higher education, to connect academia and business and to facilitate cooperation between the two countries. Briefly said: promote – connect – facilitate.

Our core value lies in our ability to:

• Connect scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, policy-makers and thought leaders with inspiring peers and new ideas on either side of the globe
• Facilitate academic programs, global innovation strategies, and knowledge exchange
• Create and present trans-disciplinary projects in imaginative ways
• Network with relevant contacts at universities, research institutions, and companies to maintain a powerful web of worldwide knowledge
• Support internationalization efforts of Swiss academic institutions
• Share innovative achievements and emerging trends in China and in Switzerland
• Inform on developments in science, technology, education and innovation process
• Participate in our communities and interact with Swiss and local partners to bring added value

What we offer but not limited as

• Visibility for Swiss and Swiss-based research, science and art in the interface of technology
• Support of international relations of Swiss universities
• Networking opportunities with highly educated and technology-savvy peers
• Targeted introductions and access to network of academic and business leaders

For more information, please find us on

Official website: www.swissnexchina.org
News blog: www.swissnexchinanews.org


Email: info@swissnexchina.org
Address: Rm. 2210, Building A, Far East International Plaza, 319 Xianxia Road, Shanghai 200051, P.R.China

Practical Informations

Please note that the exhibition will open its door on Sunday 1 October 2017 and close down on Sunday 15 October 2017.

Exhibition opening Hours: 10AM – 5PM

You can buy tickets for a 1 hour session here or by WeChat.